Ok, So I began my Day 1 blog with, “those of you who know me well will certainly not be surprised by anything I’m about to tell you”.  Well, today’s blog begins with….those of you who know me well WILL certainly be surprised by what I’m about to tell you….

…..I traveled 31 hours to the other side of the world for a 3 month trip with no plan what-so-ever! I can hear you know saying, “What? Stephen with no plan?  Get ready for Rapture” :-).  I’m sure Guy Debellis and Heather Topaz will have a hard time accepting this but it’s true.  I decided I would try and exercise my “go with the flow” muscle a little on this trip.  Thus far it’s been going pretty well…but I’m starting to get a little stressed that I do not have a plan! ha ha
So anyway, today (well, technically yesterday now) was a planned “planning” day. I have to book some flights to get to at least 3 of the areas in and around AU that I want to visit so a little planning at this point is a necessity.   
Aside from trip/flight planning most of today was spent making enhancements to my blog page for all of my loyal followers (ha ha) to enjoy and adding a Flickr folder where I plan to post all of the travel pics.  Note: You can now subscribe to my blog page to receive email notifications when a new post is posted. 
Later in the day I went for my first run on Australian soil, had “pizza night” with my Australian “family” (thank you Rick and Linda) and finished the night working with Tasha (Rick’s youngest daughter) on her guitar practice and singing/playing a few songs with her.  So while not necessarily “adventurous” it was another great day is Oz (this is what they call Australia…not sure why other than it’s just easier to say than Australia :-).  
I don’t have a “Where Am I” for today so I’ll leave you with a picture and a funny video of Rick’s Maine Coon long haired cat named Alaska….  
They have no idea why she does this but she does it a couple of times a day and it is so funny to watch…. 
Alaska the Main Coon cat.
P.S. Please don’t tell Jack (my dog) that I am living with a cat for three months.  😉

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