I started early on day 4. I was still in Chicago and could not for the life of me stop singing “Go Cubs Go” (don’t you hate when that happens?). Before leaving Chicago and heading North I had one more stop….the United Center (United Center, Wiki) home of the Chicago Bulls.  Not that I’m a big Bulls fan but I had to see the place where the greatest player of all time (NC born and bread 🙂 played for many years….

After that I hit I-94.  Next stop, Brew Town USA….Milwaukee.  I arrived in Milwaukee around noon which gave me some time to look around before the Brewers game in the evening.  After driving around downtown and checking out the waterfront areas, beaches and the North Point Lighthouse (North Point LighthouseWiki) I toured the Pabst Mansion (Pabst MansionWiki).  This was the mansion built by Captain Frederick Pabst (1836-1904), founder of the Pabst Brewing Company. It was nice for sure but I will admit I am quite jaded when it comes to opulent homes having grown up 18 miles from the Biltmore Estate (Biltmore EstateWikiImages) and having toured it many times. But the Pabst Mansion was very nice and I took advantage of the 360 camera to get some good pictures of the inside (check out the pictures at the link below).


When I finished the Pabst Mansion tour I had about 2 hours before the game.  So I searched on Google for things I could see close to the ballpark and I’ll give you 3 guesses what come up close to Miller Field….you guessed it, the Miller Brewery Tour! 🙂  It was only 5 minutes from the ballpark, which was good, but the best thing (for me) was that it was FREE!  Yeah baby! (ha ha).  I have to say, like beer / don’t like beer, whatever, it was very interesting to hear the history of Miller Brewing, the Frederick Miller family and to see the beer making process on such a massive scale (see the pic below).  It started with a short video on the history, then a brief tour of the manufacturing process, then on the distribution warehouse (wow!) and then a tour of one of the historic “caves” where they used to keep the beer cool.  At the last stop, where we were given three free samples, I had a great conversation with two guys and a girl.  The girl, who was from Milwaukee, was married to one of the guys, who was from Spain.  The other guy, also from Milwaukee, was a lifelong friend of the girl.  We sat there and talked like we were all life long friends….it was great.  They were also going to the game that evening. So we said our goodbyes and said maybe we’d see each other later.

Remember that I was only 5 minutes from the field?  Well, that was 5 minutes from the parking lot for the field.  The walk from the parking lot to the field was another 10 minutes :-0, so I made it to my seat during the 1 inning.  About the only thing that this field and game had in common with last nights field/game was grass and uniforms.  Pretty much everything else was different.  The fields are very different and the atmosphere was very different (my apologies to Milwaukeeans but Cubs fans are hard to beat for passion and intensity.  All that aside, the Brewers do have a beautiful field, a descent team and fans that love and support them.  Unfortunately my string of home team wins ended at 2 as the Brewers got pounded by the Cardinals 10-2.  And here I thought I was good luck for the home team after the Indians and Cubs wins…oh well, I guess you can’t win them all.

Note: I apologize for the huge picture insert.  I’m still trying to figure out how to size them as 360 is new to WordPress.

And no trip to Miller Park would be complete without 2 things….Bernie Brewer sliding down the slide after a home run (unfortunately I didn’t get to see this so I included someone else’s video from Youtube) and the world famous :-)….RACING SAUSAGES!!! (Racing SausagesWiki)


After the game I was still pretty jazzed up so I decided to drive on up to Green Bay…why not?

The next morning I was excited to pay homage to the man who is arguably the greatest football coach ever and the field where it all happened….Vince Lombardi (Wiki) and Lambeau Field (Wiki)  The history of the Green Bay Packers (Green Bay Packers) is pretty amazing and it is also very amazing that a city with only 100,000 people has supported this team since 1919! Another amazing thing about the Packers, that many do not know, is that it is the only publicly owned team in the NFL.  The Packers organization has been owned by common citizens since August 18, 1923. It’s a really cool story and most likely the reason why the Packers have been able to survive all these years.

The I arrived early and was able to get into the next tour (it was packed by the time I left).  I have to say the tour was really good.  They recently completed a renovation adding many new seats and suites but keeping the original field (of course).  Our guides (Dan & Dave) were great and very knowledgeable.  Here’s a couple of interesting things I learned….there is more than 30 miles of radiant heating pipe under the field.  This is how they keep it from freezing on the very, very cold Green Bay Sundays.  If you’re familiar with the Ice Bowl (1967 NFL Championship Game between Dallas and Green Bay where it was -13 at game time) it was the only time the field has ever frozen as the piping failed.  The other thing I learned is that the field has synthetic fibers woven into the grass and they use giant growing lights above it 24 hours a day in the winter to keep the grass green and health year round.  Modern technology in a 60 year old field….pretty amazing.

For some reason we were told that we could take any pictures we wanted but no panoramics. Now, if you follow me on Facebook you know how much I like panoramics.  But I was a good boy and followed the rules….until we stepped on the field, then I could not resist.  But “technically speaking” I didn’t actually break the panoramic rule as I took a 360 picture instead….tomato, tomoto.  ha ha


I had a great time touring Lambeau Field.  After that I spent a little time touring around Green Bay but had to take off for my next destination, Minneapolis as I was planning to attend a Twins game that evening.
After about 4:30 hours of driving I arrived in Minneapolis and drove straight to the field.  Target Field (Target FieldWiki) is right downtown Minneapolis and the parking is actually pretty easy and very close as they have 3 (from what I could see) large parking garages that serve Target Field and Target Center (home of the Timberwolves and the WNBA’s Minnesota Lynx). I walked straight in with no delays and was actually in my seat for the first pitch.  It was cancer awareness night at the park so the first pitch was delivered by a lady who was a 2 time cancer survivor.  After her pitch and while she was still on the field they asked everyone who has been directly impacted or know someone who has to stand.  Almost every person in the park stood including me.  Needless to say she got a great and well deserved applause.
I have to say, out of the five ballparks I visited on this trip Minneapolis definitely gets the award for the best backdrop with the tall buildings of downtown just beyond center field.  Tip, if you go, definitely sit on the 3rd base side as you have the skyline view of the city for the whole game.  It was actually really beautiful.  The game was good and I’m happy to say that I my good luck returned as the Twins beat the White Sox 11-1.  And during the game I met a really nice guy named Paul.  His wife was unable to make the game but he decided to come anyway.  He lived about 30 minutes from the ballpark and was a regular attender.  We talked off and on throughout the game and he told me a lot about Minneapolis, Minnesota and the Twins.  He was a great guy and it was another great evening of baseball.

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