My plans for today were to do a few things on-line in the morning, have some lunch, take the bus to visit the Barrenjoy Lighthouse and beach at Palm Beach (GoogleImagesWeb Site) and then have dinner with the family in Sydney.  My plans went well up until…..

I spent over an hour on chat with Verizon support because I can’t access my account or email on my laptop.  UGH!  Not the way I wanted to spend my morning.  After an hour of getting no where I just stopped trying. But by this time it was already 1 PM.
So I had a quick lunch and started checking the bus schedule for Palm Beach.  However, after checking the schedule I was surprised to find that it takes over an hour to get to Palm Beach from Mona Vale (I expected 30 minutes or so) and unfortunately the next bus close to me didn’t leave until just after 2.  Knowing that I had to be back by 5 to get ready for dinner in the city I (sadly) had to postpone my trip to Palm Beach for another day.  🙁  Oh well, off we go to Sydney!
So Rick and Linda’s idea for Friday night (which is normally homemade pizza night, yum) was to go to Darling Harbour (GoogleImagesWeb Site) and have Thai.  After they would show me around the Darling Harbour area.  I was very excited about this because I had heard about Darling Harbour and was looking forward to a trip to the city at night.
Dinner was fantastic (love me some Thai!) and I love to eat outside and the Darling Harbour area is perfect for that…..

Just beside our restaurant they were showing the movie “Midnight in Paris” in a grassy area in the middle of the courtyard.  I love things like this so that was really cool…

Darling Harbour is just a couple of blocks from the Chinatown area of Sydney so they are celebrating the Chinese New Year (the year of the monkey) throughout the park area with traditional music, dance, costumes and food.  It was a lot of fun walking around and just checking things out….

After this we walked all the way around the harbour area crossing over the Pyrmont Bridge. The whole Darling Harbour area is just beautiful at night with lots of restaurants and shops and the lights shining off of the water (be sure and check out all of the pictures by clicking the links on the right).  There were people out on the harbour in paddle boats (which was pretty cool) paddling next to multi-million dollar yachts :-)…..

The whole Darling Harbour area was really cool and absolutely beautiful at night. Strolling through the harbour after a great Thai meal, the Chinese New Year celebrations and all the fun conversations made for a wonderful night.  Thank you Rick and Linda for this great idea and for including me!

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