I woke today with no place I had to go and no place I had to be…..and it was pretty cool.  So I took some time to catch up on emails, FB and read some US news…

After breakfast I transitioned to my “office”, aka the deck….
The “office”
Alaska joined me to get some sun and do some bird watching.  We love sitting on the deck together…..

I sat quietly and I worked on my blog while Alaska “policed” the activities of the birds in the area as they flew from tree to tree.  It’s fun to watch how excited she gets when one flies close to the house and it’s also a little nerve-wracking watching her jump up and down and walk along the thin rail. I watched her like a nervous father wondering if she was going to fall.  πŸ™‚  We sat there until after lunch writing (me) and bird watching (Alaska…ok, me too).
Linda and Rick left yesterday for a couple of days and drove to a resort on the coast about 2 hours north and I happily agreed to help out with the “parental duties” in their absence. πŸ™‚  My “duties” for today included driving the girls to/from school/work and making dinner, which I volunteered to do since I was making dinner for myself anyway.  So in the afternoon I drove to the grocery to get everything I needed to make chicken parmigiana and then returned to the deck for me writing (me) and bird watching (Alaska). πŸ™‚
It was only me and their youngest daughter Natasha for dinner (their oldest daughter, Zara, was at work) but I think it turned out well (if I do say so myself :-).  Tasha said she liked it…but she is a very polite girl so ??? (ha ha) 
After dinner I spent some time on the internet looking for dive companies and preparing for next weeks trip to Cairns.

Where Am I

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