Today was much the same as yesterday. Alaska and I sat on the deck writing blogs, getting information for next week and bird watching….

I did take some time to join Alaska in her bird watching when two parrots or lorikeets landed in the tree just beside the deck.  They stayed there for 10 minutes or so before moving on.  It was pretty cool…. 
In researching dive companies in the Cairns area I found that day trip dives were quite expensive.  I assumed this is due to the distance of the boat ride from Cairns to the reef which is about 1.5 hours each way (in a fast boat).  Pretty much all day trip packages included 3 dives.  Since I was planning to be in the Cairns area for a week so I was planning to dive at least 2 or 3 days.  
As I was looking at different companies I began to look at possibly doing a “liveaboard” trip.  With a liveaboard you travel to the reef on a day boat, do 2 – 3 dives and then transition to another boat that stays at the reef where you “live-a-board” for 2 – 7 (or more) days and do multiple dives each day.  I decided this is what I would do so it became a question of which company and how long.  After reading several reviews and looking at availability (several were already fully booked since it was only a few days away) I decided to go with a company called Deep Sea Divers Den in Cairns (GoogleWebImages) and do 3 days (2 nights).  I went ahead and booked it as there were only a couple of spots left. 
I felt good about having this booked as I have always wanted to dive the Great Barrier Reef and that was the #1 reason I was traveling to the Cairns area.
I spent the rest of the day updating the blog with posts as I’ve been behind since New Zealand.
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